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Pasante je najveća nezavisna tvrtka u Velikoj Britaniji koja se bavi proizvodnjom kondoma i sličnih preparata te je globalni brand i izvozi u više od 60 zemalja širom svijeta. Pasante je obiteljski posao i uz partnere i dalje imaju ključnu ulogu u razvoju tvrtke. To znači da, iako nudimo razne proizvode i usluge obično povezane s mnogo većim tvrtkama, ovdje u Pasante-u  mi smo uvijek na raspolaganju našim klientima.

Pasante proizvodi

Od kondoma do lubrikanata, Pasante ima sve. Nudimo najveći izbor kondoma na svijetu, svi su proizvedeni prema najvišim standardima kvalitete. Svi Pasante lateks kondomi imaju kitemark i CE oznake, dok ne-lateks kondomi imaju oznaku CE.


Pasante proizvode možete pronači u svim većim trgovačkim lancima u Republici Hrvatskoj te na benzinskim postajama Petrol.

Ukoliko ne možete pronaći Pasante proizvode slobodno nam se javite na pa ćemo Vam poslati lokacije gdje možete pronaći Pasante proizvode u Vašoj blizini.


Seksualno zdravlje je temelj našeg poslovanja , a mi uz pomoč proizvoda koje nudimo pridonosimo zdravlju i dobrobiti naših kupaca.

If you're new to Web publishing systems, you'll find that Joomla! delivers sophisticated solutions to your online needs. It can deliver a robust enterprise-level Web site, empowered by endless extensibility for your bespoke publishing needs. Moreover, it is often the system of choice for small business or home users who want a professional looking site that's simple to deploy and use. We do content right.

So what's the catch? How much does this system cost?

Well, there's good news ... and more good news! Joomla! 1.5 is free, it is released under an Open Source license - the GNU/General Public License v 2.0. Had you invested in a mainstream, commercial alternative, there'd be nothing but moths left in your wallet and to add new functionality would probably mean taking out a second mortgage each time you wanted something adding!

Joomla! changes all that ...
Joomla! is different from the normal models for content management software. For a start, it's not complicated. Joomla! has been developed for everybody, and anybody can develop it further. It is designed to work (primarily) with other Open Source, free, software such as PHP, MySQL, and Apache.

It is easy to install and administer, and is reliable.

Joomla! doesn't even require the user or administrator of the system to know HTML to operate it once it's up and running.

To get the perfect Web site with all the functionality that you require for your particular application may take additional time and effort, but with the Joomla! Community support that is available and the many Third Party Developers actively creating and releasing new Extensions for the 1.5 platform on an almost daily basis, there is likely to be something out there to meet your needs. Or you could develop your own Extensions and make these available to the rest of the community.

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